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Curtains and Blinds

Handcrafted curtains and blinds made to suit each individual window, from subtle style to showstopping elegance

It may be a cliche but windows really are the eyes of your home.  Their position and access to natural light can make or break a room space and yet so many people overlook the importance of window treatments when designing their interiors.


From eye catching designs to bold colours, window treatments can be functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two depending upon your space and the amount of natural light you receive and prefer.  Perhaps you have a style in mind or need some assistance, we can help you select colours, fabrics and styles to create a truly unique and bespoke treatment for your windows.

It doesn’t matter how unusual, large or challenging your windows are, our aim is to help you bring your ideas and vision for dressing your windows to life. 

Curtains in Kate Forman linen fabric with pom-pom trim

Elegance, Style and Simplicity

Curtains can add a touch of elegance, style, comfort and warmth to a room.  All of our curtains are handcrafted and can be made to any style and design, from a simple pencil pleat or more elegant triple or goblet pleat to contemporary eyelets.  Weighted, lined or interlined to your specification using traditional techniques.

Bespoke roman blinds offer a simple yet elegant look to your windows appealing to both traditional and modern styles and tastes.  A great option if space is limited and can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess.

Finishing touches such as pelmets, trims and tie backs can also be designed in the same or contrasting fabrics for a more detailed look.

Measuring, Making and Fitting

We provide a complete measuring, making and fitting service and can source and order distinctive, quality fabrics from a wide range of premier design houses.  So whether you're looking for plain or patterned, traditional or contemporary, there is sure to be something to suit every taste and budget.

From your initial consultation to the completion of your curtains or blinds, we work professionally and to the highest of standards with minimum disruption to you and your surroundings. 

There is a window treatment out there for everyone - no matter the size, shape, or style.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you bring your vision to life.

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